Bright Eyes the People’s Key Packaging

One record that I recently received in the mail was Bright Eye’s The People’s Key. Though not my favorite Bright Eyes album the record is sure packaged nicely and very thought out. Here’s a quick video of the making of the packaging. The first 10,000 copies of the LP will come in limited-edition packaging, which consists of a 6-panel tri-fold die-cut jacket printed on iridescent foil and a full color LP inner sleeve.
The layout and artwork are done by Zack Nipper who is an artist from Omaha, Nebraska. He has designed several album covers by bands such as Criteria, Georgie James, Desaparecidos & of course Bright Eyes. Zack won “Best Recording Package” for his work on Bright Eyes’ Cassadaga at the 2008 Grammy Awards, giving him, as well as Saddle Creek Records their first Grammy. In 2008, after his Grammy Award, several of Nipper’s drawings for the album were displayed at the Joslyn Art Museum in “Zack Nipper: The Cassadaga Drawings” organized by then-senior curator of collections, John Wilson.

Also a very thoughtful video is one where you can watch Bright Eyes listen to the whole new Bright Eyes album.


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