Thursday – No Devolución

Whoa, So at first I over looked Thursday’s new album artwork for No Devolución, but was I ever wrong. This Deluxe Edition CD is an eight-panel laser-cut wallet on 18pt. SBS stock from an original design by the No Devolución cover artist, Mia Pearlman ( It is hand numbered and signed by the artist and limited to 500 copies.

You can see the progression of the idea, from the first sketch to the hand-cut original. Then the original to the laser-cut(that’s right LASERS) protype that’s hand assembled by the band and signed and numbered by the artist. The final version will have some additional touches that they are keeping secret for now.

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Now this does look pretty amazing I feel a little bummed about the option for vinyl purchase, it has no extra pictures of what it might look like inside. Also more money for a non-hand made package, yes it comes with a t-shirt but there is no option to get it without a shirt.
I’ve been hearing very good things about this album though so I think it’s worth a listen, here’s a link to stream the whole album.


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