Murder By Death/The Builders and the Butchers Split 7inch.

Every so often the band Murder By Death puts out split records with their friends covering each others songs, this time around MBD and The Builders and the Butchers face off.

The bands also take submissions for the album artwork from fans and pick one in the end, these covers were designed by Richard Luong of Texas and Mayra Fersner of Tennessee. You can Pre order one of these records here, and well as check out some of the past splits here.


MBD has covered the Builders and the Butchers song “In the Branches”
TBATB have covered the MBD song “Until Morale Improves The Beatings Will Continue”
Ray from TBATB has a one man band of songs composed using Nintendo Gameboy sounds- its called OPERATION MISSION. He has covered MBD’s “Ball and Chain” and TBATB “Down in This Hole”. 4 Tracks on this split!

Murder By Death are also re pressing “Who Will Survive and What Will be Left of Them?” on 12inch vinyl. Pre sale ships July 3rd.


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