Topshelf Records – Fuck Off All Nerds – Single LP

Topshelf Records, who have easily become one of my favorite labels, have put out a compliation called “Fuck Off All Nerds“. All proceeds will be going to the Dubey Family who recently lost Mitch Dubey, who was a good friend of both My Heart To Joy and Topshelf Records, who was recently murdered at his New Haven, CT home.
You can order A few different packages which include records, t-shirts and screen printed post cards here.

This LP features two tracks from each band who played My Heart To Joy’s final show on may 14th, 2011. The bands were Algernon Cadwallader, Hostage Calm, Into It. Over It., The Book Slave, My Heart To Joy, Slingshot Dakota, Jettison and Snowing.

This record comes in a Gatefold LP Jacket, includes a download of each song on the album that has been mixed and mastered from the band’s set, a download of each band’s entire set from the show, and a limited edition print. Topshelf teamed up with six awesome designers (Adam Vass, Ben Sears, Juan Gabe, Derrick Shanholtzer, Ryan Nelson, and Kevin Duquette) who have graciously given their time and artwork for this benefit record. The prints will be 8.33 inches wide x 9.5 inches tall. One random print will be placed within each LP. All proceeds will be going to the Dubey Family.

This album will have a pressing of 500 records split between 125 Black, 125 Yellow, 125 Purple, and 125 Light Pink records.
Click here for more information.

The Topshelf band Into It. Over It has released this tshirt to benefit the Dubey family, you can pick that up here.
This Into It. Over It. shirt was made specifically to support the Mitch Dubey family. All proceeds of this shirt will go to the Dubey Family. Printed on Next Level shirts. This shirt is also available as a package deal with a copy of the FUCK OFF ALL NERDS LP.


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