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This Will Destroy You – Black Dunes Music Video

This Will Destroy You
“Black Dunes”
Album: Tunnel Blanket
Director: Malcolm Elijah |

Hobbledehoy Record Co |
Suicide Squeeze |

This video is so amazing and fits the song perfectly!
Here’s a little bit of what Malcolm had to say about the video.
The video centers around a single female figure (nameless) who is meandering through the detoriated states of self and surroundings. The context can be framed as a dream within a dream of a young woman under possesive trance.
Visions of multiple selves endlessly roaming around you, animals, and non linear timelines are a theme throughout.
I shot this over few days which involved sneaking onto an abandoned and oddly enchanting 1950’s farmhouse south of Austin, TX. Preparing the site involved using the pre existing material created from the houses decay, e.g. meticulously arranging glass on the floor, making wire nets out of dozens of hangers, dragging old christmas trees upstairs, collecting animal bones from the barn, and in the meantime not getting caught trespassing and looking like lunatics ourselves. The houses oddly arranged disarray was meant to capture something as subtle and unnatural as a person who is slipping into mental illness. During the apex of the song we once again pan into the woman’s mind and see what perhaps are memories of family, the farm, and another life displayed as turbulent and undulating vibrations.
The atmosphere of the house and the pale and diffused December light in Texas really did create an inspiring atmosphere for making ghostly videos.

The effects going into the video are completely unique in that they incorporate a hybrid of digital editing techniques and analog video synthesis processes most heavily featured during the apex of the song. My goal ultimately was to abstract the format of which it was made; I kept imagining finding a fossilized alien video format and the effects you might see when you watched it.


New preview of Just Like Being There Poster Documentary

The film will have its World Premiere at SXSW.

Just Like Being there – Promo video

Just Like Being There (Promo) from Johanna Goldstein on Vimeo.

Scout Shannon and Johanna Goldstein’s upcoming poster documentary. “Just Like Being There” has a new promo video, check it out above! There is also a new interview with them over at Slash Film.
If you’d like to donate some money to the making of this film, there are some pretty awesome prizes is you donate certain amounts of money, if this blog made me any money I sure would donate a bunch over to these guys!

The Amazing Incredible Gig Poster Film Yet To Be Titled

INDIEGOGO PROMO FINAL from Johanna Goldstein on Vimeo.

Very cool documentary being made right now featuring some of my favorite poster artists out right now. Producer Johanna Goldstein and director Scout Shannon are on the road filming this yet to be titled documentary featuring Kevin Tong, Daniel Danger and Jay Ryan. Check out the video above and consider donating to their project, if your a fan of any of these artists you’ll really be into the gifts you can get!

Found’s – Chocolate Record

Here is a link to the chocolate record video.

After experimenting with molding chocolate onto records and making a homemade template of the record to use as a chocolate mold, baker Ben Milne finally connected with the band’s record label, which gave him a press used to mold vinyl into records. The result? A chocolate record that actually plays music!

Pretty awesome idea, Ben, of the Fisher & Donaldson bakery, say’s people will get around 10 plays from the record before it wears down. Of course once it has worn out you can always eat it.

Ben added: “I heard that vinyl is on the increase and that CDs are on their way out, so chocolate records could be part of a resurgence and people getting their record players out of their attics.”

Unfortunately only fifty of the chocolate 7″ singles are being produced. You would also need to keep these in a very cool place if you actually wanted to keep this for an extended amount of time.

Check out all of their websites below:
Check out Found’s website
Fisher and Donaldson bakery
Chemikal Underground Records

After further searching it looks like a few other people have tried out this chocolate record trick.

Gillian Welch – Letterpressed album cover insert for The Harrow & The Harvest

Gillian Welch has done a nice job packaging her new album ‘The Harrow & the Harvest”.
Interviews with Aardvark Letterpress, John Dyer Baizley, Gillian Welch, and David Rawlings about the making of the letterpressed album cover insert for The Harrow & The Harvest, the new 2011 Gillian Welch album.

A tutorial by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings about how to coffee-stain your very own letterpressed CD insert (US version) of their new album, The Harrow & The Harvest. I wonder why they didn’t choose to use tea since coffee is definitely not archival and tea is. I like the effort in these videos though!

Memory Tapes – Player Piano

2011, Carpark Records
VINYL FORMAT. Player Piano is the second full length from Davye Hawk’s Memory Tapes. It was, like its predecessor, the highly acclaimed Seek Magic, recorded at Dayve’s home studio in rural New Jersey, where he juggles looking after his young daughter and being a musician. While Seek Magic was quite an electronic sounding record with lots of dance music tropes, Player Piano is all about the melody.

Memory Tapes “Yes I Know” from Najork on Vimeo.
direction and post: Eric Epstein
director of photography: Aaron Epstein
the guy: Ben Aufill
production company: m ss ng p eces