New Poster website on the radar – 411 Posters

Great new site called 411 Posters. Lot’s of updates and new posters on this site, if your into that kind of thing!


How & Why To Love Your Merchandise (after all, one day it may be taking care of you!)

Nice article by Joe MIchelini, singer and guitarist for River City Extension about why bands need or don’t need band merch. over at Bands On A Budget.

Moe. What Happened To The La Las Album Release Party Poster and Video

Shameless self promotion here. I just finished up this poster for the band Moe.’s album release show in NY. Check out the whole poster here. plus above video.

Play the Rings of a Tree Trunk Like a Record

YEARS from Bartholomäus Traubeck on Vimeo.

Taken from Very cool idea but would also like to hear what it sounds like without the piano sounds added to it.

Wolf People Poster by Mat Pringle

Just found this at OMG Posters today. Wolf People gig poster by Mat Pringle from London. You can pick one up from his ETSY Shop here. I always really enjoy posters with multiple panels that tell a little story or imply a narrative to them.



Ken Taylor’s Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye IPA Labels

Sierra Nevada has just released it’s new Ruthless Rye IPA with a new design and packaging by the amazing Ken Taylor. Here’s a nice little review of the beer. I wish I could get my hands on some up here in Maine but I don’t know if it’ll get here. Bummer.

You may also remember the packaging design by Nate Duval for their Hoptimum IPA.

Studio visit with William Schaff

This blog will soon turn into all art related to William Schaff. Here’s a sneak peek inside of his studio in Warren, RI.