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This Will Destroy You – Black Dunes Music Video

This Will Destroy You
“Black Dunes”
Album: Tunnel Blanket
Director: Malcolm Elijah | malcolmelijah.com

Hobbledehoy Record Co | http://hobbledehoyrecords.com
Suicide Squeeze | http://suicidesqueezerecords.tumblr.com/

This video is so amazing and fits the song perfectly!
Here’s a little bit of what Malcolm had to say about the video.
The video centers around a single female figure (nameless) who is meandering through the detoriated states of self and surroundings. The context can be framed as a dream within a dream of a young woman under possesive trance.
Visions of multiple selves endlessly roaming around you, animals, and non linear timelines are a theme throughout.
I shot this over few days which involved sneaking onto an abandoned and oddly enchanting 1950’s farmhouse south of Austin, TX. Preparing the site involved using the pre existing material created from the houses decay, e.g. meticulously arranging glass on the floor, making wire nets out of dozens of hangers, dragging old christmas trees upstairs, collecting animal bones from the barn, and in the meantime not getting caught trespassing and looking like lunatics ourselves. The houses oddly arranged disarray was meant to capture something as subtle and unnatural as a person who is slipping into mental illness. During the apex of the song we once again pan into the woman’s mind and see what perhaps are memories of family, the farm, and another life displayed as turbulent and undulating vibrations.
The atmosphere of the house and the pale and diffused December light in Texas really did create an inspiring atmosphere for making ghostly videos.

The effects going into the video are completely unique in that they incorporate a hybrid of digital editing techniques and analog video synthesis processes most heavily featured during the apex of the song. My goal ultimately was to abstract the format of which it was made; I kept imagining finding a fossilized alien video format and the effects you might see when you watched it.